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Top 98 Artist - Posted June 14, 2013

1. Allen karl

2. Donna Cunningham

3. Johnny Cash

4. Cindy lane Adams

5. Hermann Lammers Meyer

6. Ann Brown

7. Hank Snow

8. Jim Owen

9. Ann Pascoe

10. Bobby Bare

11. Alan Jackson

12. Neil Andrews

13. George Longard

14. Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

15. Red Sovine

16. Ron Thompson

17. Slim Dusty

18. Buck T Edwards

19. Arly Karlsen

20. Ray William Roldan

21. Delon

22. Kimberly Bibb Marrs

23. Keith Bradford

24. James Marvell

25. Dan Schafer

26. Jerry Mac

27. Hunting Lady Kate

28. Aage Oagee Nordheim

29. Stephen A. Love

30. Pat Roden

31. Carl james

32. Darren Rhodes

33. Bobby G. Rice

34. Jim Ed Brown

35. JK Coltrain

36. Billy Darnell

37. Patti McKinnon

38. Al Traynor

39. Darren Mullins

40. Marty Denton

41. Ron Gaddis

42. Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham

43. Ryan Casper

44.Mai Britt

45. Marty Robbins

46. Billy Yates

47. Randy Travis

48. Isla Grant

49. Chuck Hancock

50. Leona Williams

51. Alabama

52. Ken Osheim

53. Sonny Martin

54. Bill Harris

55. Rebecca linda Smith

56. Lamar Hunter

57. Annette hawkins

58. Steve Adkins

59. Willie Nelson

60. Marty Rivers

61. Gary Jennings

62. Merle Haggard

63. Lana Gibson

64. David Cline

65. Porter Wagoner

66. Jack Greene

67. George Jones

68. Lacy J. Dalton

69. Boxcar Willie

70. Brian Letton

71. Jim Reeves

72. DK Davis

73. Tim Culpepper

74. The Hayworths

75. Mike Archer

76. Statler Brothers

77. Jimmy Buckley

78. Charley Pride

79. Bill Townsend

80. Daniel O'Donnell

81. Hank Williams

82. Ray Lani

83. Richard Scott

84. Vince Gill

85. Bobby Atkins

86. Dolly Parton

87. Dan Schafer

88. Nancy Lee

89. Ray Stevens

90. Ricky Van Shelton

91. Earl Parker

92. Reba McEntire

93. Webb Pierce

94. Hank Thompson

95. Buck Owens

96. Ralph Parker

97. Ernie Ashworth

98. Erin Hay

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We record some of our shows that we do live in the chat rooms, and they can be listened to at various places on the internet.


Some Of Our Favorite Entertainers That You Will Hear At Country Music Planet Social Network

Al Traynor

Allen Karl

Lonnie Dean & Will Taylor

Cindy Lane Adams

Billy Darnell

J. K. Coltrain

Morgan Blanchard

Dale Hooper

Billy Nathan

Bobby Caraway

Jerry Mac

Ellie Jordan

Stonewash Murray

Young & Free

Al Kessinger

Ray Fredricks

George Longard

Katherine Kay

Ann Pascoe

Linda Welby

Bruce Greaves

Judy Welden

Kris Miller

Darlene Brooks

Lynn Davis

KC Williams

Dee Dee Downs

Boxcar Willie

Stephen A. Love

Hunting Lady Kate


Some Of Our Favorite DJ's & Music Promoters

Wyn Machon

Jerry Mac

Hans Mair

Linda Welby

Pete Smith

Bill Rainey

Rhonnie Scheuerman

RhonBob Promotions

James Allen Promotions

Kurt Gabriel

Hunting Lady Kate

Noel Parry

Frans Maritz

Aage Oagee Nordheim


Patty Patrick

Barry Wass

Kati Payne

Thanks To All DJs, Artist, Songwriters, & Music Promoters That Help Support This Board

Some Of Our Favorite Songwriters

Doris Hays

Marty Denton

Rhonnie Scheuerman

George Longard

Billy Nathan

Cindy Lane Adams

Judy Welden

Al Traynor

JK Coltrain

Jerry Mac

Bobby Caraway

Al Kessinger



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Inside Nashville
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