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Posted by cindy on November 10, 2005 at 20:59:22:
In Reply to: John and Marry Stewart posted by Larry Stewart on August 06, 2003 at 11:30:09:

: To all Stewart’s the connection with the homelands and where their people came from is for great concern. I am the 4th Great-grandson of John (b. 1751 Ire) and Mary (b.1751 Ire) Stewart, with 5 children Thomas (b. 1779 Ire), Jane (b. 1780 Ire), Archibald (b. 1787), James (b. 1788) and William (b. 1790), immigrated to the Americas in about 1792, and ended up settling in Washington, PA area around 1800. The story is they left Ireland, County Cork, by sailing ship and came to the Americas, but they do not show up on tax records in Washington till 1800. We are unable to find which ship, manifest, or entrance port of record. The only connection we have with Ireland is a letter that follows. As literacy of the people at the time is of question, and with the slang and brogue of the people the correct spelling of the words would be in the ear of the scribe. This letter was delivered to John Stewart, Washington Co, PA.

: Address to Mr. John Stuart, America
: Ballsmore Sept 16th 1825
: Dear John___ ______ ___ I have Experienced a great Reversal of fortune Having buried all my people as also overtaken with corporal complaints which Rendered me Incapable of working which I Hope you have not yet to complain of yet Mr. John Flack Have been my Greatest friend having Sent me Money Instead of a passage to America which I have now Received a Part of which to be Annual Ireland in a general way is all fell from their former circumstances Except a few Individuals Mr. Flack Bounty is five pounds a year which will help me Much when your nephew Returns here Again you might Send a letter with him to me telling me How you are Situate in life & health & circumstances I am now got to my 77th year of age Thank you for your kind letter of invitation I have now got on a English Acre at 20 Shill a year Rent and lives poor Enough How I shall Succeed I do not know I have a natural Daughter who ministers much to my Assistance Now you write to Jenny and Harry and let them know my poor condition I Sometimes think they are poor too of which I would be Good Well Satisfy if you knew their circumstances to let me know (if you write to me) our Summer has been a dry one which has affected our potato corps much for the worse our oats are thin but is verry hearty and productive of meal all is cut down here now I may Say Dougherty is no more Since your Father Died and now my old friend as it probably we May never See other in this life I hope we will where Sorrow will have an end the Lord be with your Spirit Amen write to me with James Whilst I remain you Affectionate Friend toll Death
: (Signed) Pat Marley

: If in any of your records you have contact with any of the names in the letter we would like to get copies of that information. The location “Ballsmore” does not show up on any map or location, but the spelling may be wrong. And other words in the letter do not make complete since. “Dougherty” etc. John was a blacksmith by trade, and appeared to be a freeman, as no indenture or other connection can be found. Mr. Pat Marley is either a relative, or close friend, and Mr. John Flack appears to be a lawyer, administrator or caretaker of funds. Mr. Marley appears to have know John’s parents, may have a son/daughter or other relatives in the Americas. Thank you for your time. Larry Stewart, Kansas City, MO, USA

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