relatives or ancestors of Tyrus C , John C, Bennet , Jonathan , or K.F Stewart

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Posted by Roxanna Stewart-Rivard on September 30, 2006 at 20:09:12:

My name is Roxanna Stewart-Rivard I live in St. Louis Mo. After my father past away in May of 2005, I came into possesion of a lot of old tax records, warranty deeds, banking statements, a large sum of confederate money(in deplorable condition as my step mother kept all the well preserved bills). I have since set out to try to trace my roots and corroberate some of the stories my father and grandfather have told me about our family history. oneof the stories I have heard is that we are in a direct line from Mary Queen of Scots,I do not know if this is true but would be facinated to find out. I do know that as late as the 1930's they were still inbreeding with cousins as close as first. In fact my grandmother and Grandfather were 2nd cousins. They all did this according to my grandfather to keep our Stewart line clean lol. My father was John Charles Stewart born Mountain Home Arkansas 1952-4(not sureof the exact year he was born. He was born on a house boat and had no offical birth certificate until later, the family bible recorded august 10 1952 while the birth certificate said aug 9, 1953). My grandfather was Tyurs Cobb Stewart. I am not sure what year he was born but was graduating community college as of the spring of 1923. His mother was Ada Stewart who was a very active member of society ladies including the daughters of the american revelution(the DAR) and the daughters of the confederacy in Eldorado Arkansas. I do not know his fathers name at all but I believe his initials were K.F. Stewart. All I find in my paperwork is a refernce to Mrs. K.F. Stewart never a mister. Tyrus's grandfather was Bennet Stewart of Marion County Georgia and later Eldorado Arkansas. His(Bennet's) father was Jonathan Stewart, from Marion County Georgia where in 1864 he was the county surveyor. I also found some marrige certificates from weddings he proformed in GA asof 1869 and 70. After these people I have no idea. I do not know where to even look. Everywhere I go they want me to pay an outrageous fee for membership and then give me nothing but dead ends when I do sign up. I would ask some of the family members but they cut off all communication after my Grandfathers funeral due to the greedy nature of my father asking them all for money( he wasn't much for making his own way in life and spenthis life living off my grandparent and bleeding them dry, much the way my brother after him is doing to this day). I am really interested in trying to learn how and where to do this kind of research. And also how to preserve these documents that I have that date all the way back to 1799 so far. ( I haven't been through them all yet, as some of them are really badly deteriorated)

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