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Posted by James Stewart on February 16, 2012 at 13:04:22:

Hi my family of Stuart's,Stewart's four fathers James Stuart married Ann Keith I dont know anything of them, all I know that they had a child called Rebecca stewart,b.1777 when Rebecca Stewart was aged 10 ,Bonnie prince charlie was aged, I think 52 years old, as rebecca her father was a solider a James Stuart and as everyone know's name,s like Keith and Stuart's are all well known names on the thrown, I have had a look under the keith's and the stuart's back ground,I cant find any thing on my family names they were all catholic stewart family's they lived on the Royal Deeside, known as the Stewarts branch, I have looked up the wolf of Baddinoch ,Alexander Stuart' family tree and he is not the same line of the stewarts, my stewart's lived in blair atholl country,and in Aberdeenshire, but ther was a lot of movement as to people going places, and you can lose contact with them,I would like if someone can help me, I thank you so mutch.

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