G'day Chooky people! This is a forum to replace the Chook Shed. Any question about poultry can be asked here and we will attempt to help. No question is too large or too small and no question is stupid if you don't know what the answer is. There is over 500 years worth of combined experience here, so 99.9% of queries can be answered. No-one here is a vet (yet), and everyone has learned from hands on experience and lots of trial and error. The advice on this board is not meant to take the place of a vet. Always consult a vet if unsure about diagnosis and treatment. No responsibility will be taken for loss of birds from advice gathered from this board.
All messages posted should be courteous and considered. Please take a moment to reread before you post and ask yourself if there is anything anyone would find offensive. People can't see you laughing if you intend something to be a joke that could be taken seriously. When posting a message, only hit the send button ONCE. Sometimes it doesn't register instantly, please don't hit the button again. By hitting it twice, the message is duplicated.
This board is NOT to be used for personal vendettas, and telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses are not to be used UNLESS they have been published in the general domain (.i.e. phone books, media etc) or with permission of the owners of those details. Email addresses from posts will be considered in the public domain.
The moderators reserve the right to delete any messages without referral to the sender that they believe will be detrimental to the spirit of the board or potentially inflammatory. If your message does not appear, or appears and is taken off, please reread it and reconsider rewriting to send again. The moderators also WILL NOT enter into any correspondence over deleted messages.
The board is run on a voluntary basis and the moderators do not have time for childish behaviour. Anyone who causes unrest on the board will be blocked from using the board. It doesn't matter if you're 10 or 50, if you play up, you're out!
No nasty stuff and no personal attacks alrighty? Keep it nice or we'll just delete ya anyway. Simple. Intelligent discussions are welcomed but no mudslinging, verbal biffo, or unnecessary argy bargy will be tolerated. Very importantly, making fun of people re language or spelling will not be tolerated either. Not everyone has had the education or upbringing others more fortunate have had. It's all about our chooks! We will be polite and respectful to newbies and youngsters (and each other) and give them every assistance we can. We expect the same in return.
The purpose of this moderated board is to exchange ideas on everything involved in the keeping of poultry, including ducks and guinea fowl. Breeding, rearing, showing, selling, and general health, just to name a few.
If you are after stock or have stock for sale, please put your general location (e.g Western suburbs of Sydney, or mt Isa etc), so people know if the stock they want is in their local area.
For lengthy off topic subjects, go to the General Chat page.
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Just want to know most of the things you need to know about keeping chooks?? The Chook Shed
Chook Chat Archive is here

Remember, if you are buying or selling stock, add your location and email address to your message so people know where you are!

R.I.P to our dear friend Bill. Reunited with his beloved wife 25/5/2007. We miss you.

R.I.P to the wonderful Wayne L. Died doing what he loved. 2 June 2010. Your friendship and knowledge will never be forgotten.

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Remember, if you are buying or selling stock, add your location and email address to your message so people know where you are!
This site has 5 moderators and many, many wonderful regular contributors. Thanks to them for supporting it, without you all it wouldn't be the beaut place to visit that it is. Don't clap, throw money!! Donations to our retirement fund can be left at any bank!

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