It is my opinion that this board has long since ceased to be useful or productive. The bulk of the material on it in the last year was links to or pasted copies of articles that are available elsewhere on the internet. Furthermore, it ceased to be a part of the Ex-BMC forum when the Forum moved to a new location in November of 2008. I have lost interest in the forum myself, and refuse to administer an outpost for those who don't like the new forum. If you wish to be part of the Ex-BMC Forum, go to it and participate. If you don't like it, start your own forum. After all, that seems to be our greatest legacy.

I have taken measures to make it impossible to post here. Should you be looking for the Ex-BMC Forum, it is now located at

The messages that were on this board are archived and can be searched if you are looking for old posts.

Peace be with you,

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