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Welcome to the
Memorial Pancreatitis Family Message Board.
This board is for people who have, or are associated with someone who has, pancreatitis; It is meant to be a safe haven to talk about pancreas problems and to offer support for each other to help each other deal with the daily stresses of living with this painful disease. Please respect each persons right to their own personal beliefs. *The opinions offered on this board are just that, opinions of members, and should not be construed as medical advice or as medical recommendations. Members are encouraged to share postings with their medical providers to facilitate discussions of options and/or treatment.* Religious discussions are to be done privately off the board. Our mission is to help, not hurt. Please use appropriate language. Rude remarks and argumentative posts will be deleted. And above all, have repect for the feelings of others who post here. Remember that words without physical expressions are often taken wrong. Make sure that you take this into consideration before postings. We have enough to deal with coping with this disease without adding more stress by posting something that will only hurt others. Please check the FAQ page for additional posting rules and help. ANONYMOUS posts will be removed. Time is set to CST at present.
Important To Remember
Most of what is stated here is from PERSONAL experiences. Any information given here about treatments or meds should "always" be discussed with your Doctor

In Loving Memory of Our Family Member
Mrs. Carole Elizabeth Spadaro Muir
known here as "Carole Or Carole Muir".

May 25, 1931 - September 22, 2004

We would also like to give due credit to Gary Fry, for creating this message board.Without his initiative we would not have had a common place to meet.

Gary (August 12, 1957 - April 30, 2006) and his wife Rhonda

Amber and her Dad, Chris.

Loved and Missed Dearly-this Special member of Our Family.

Please note there is a "Newbies" section at the bottom of the posts that Chuck created for us. Good Info to start with.


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