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Oil Pulling Treats Many Body Problems

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Posted by rain on September 06, 2010 at 03:13:38:

* Try Oil Pulling, a fabulous remedy from India which alleviates Sinus Congestion within about 10-15 minutes.

Avocado Oil 1
Black Cumin Seed Oil 1
Canola Oil 1
Castor Oil 1
Cedar Nut Oil 1
Coconut Oil 20
Cod Liver Oil 1
Flaxseed Oil 1
General Feedback (oil not specified) 102
Grape Seed Oil 1
Hemp Oil 1
Honey 2
Multiple Oils Tried 39
Oil of Oregano 0
Olive Oil 24
Peanut Oil 0
Safflower Oil 5
Sesame Oil 57
Sunflower Oil 37
Walnut Oil 2


Oil Pulling ("OP") is reported to cure: Mouth & Gum Disease; Stiff Joints; Allergies; Asthma; High Blood Sugar; Constipation; Migraines; Bronchitis; Eczema; Heart, Kidney, Lung Diseases; Leukemia; Arthritis; Meningitis; Insomnia; Menopause (hormonal issues); Cancer; AIDS; Chronic Infections; Varicose Veins; High Blood Pressure; Diabetes; Polio; Cracked Heels.

Here's are a few paragraphs from Bharat Savur's article on The Hindu Business Online

..."When Dr Karsch examined the gargled milk-white oil under a microscope with 600 magnification, he saw live organisms swimming in it. It's poisonous, so never swallow it, he warns. These poisons are bacteria-embryos, which, if not eliminated, cause diseases. Apparently, Dr Karsach cured his own chronic blood disease and 15-year-old arthritis.

The first sign of improvement is in the teeth-they become firm and white, he says. Other healing indications: fresh, relaxed feeling on waking up, disappearing dark pouches below the eyes, anew appetite and energy, better memory and deep sleep.

Dr Karsch swears by the mouth oil-wash for anything from organ-disorders, skin-diseases, menstrual problems, paralysis to every ache and it is in the human anatomy. You can gargle even when you have fever, he says, adding, it takes anything from two days to a year to cure a disease.

And if these claims sound exaggerated, he told a conference of Ukrainian cancer specialists, try out the process yourself.

Interestingly, Ayurveda advises oil gargling "to purify the taste-buds and the entire system", as explained by Dr Deepak Chopra in Perfect Health. According to this life science, the tongue is mapped by organ-locations -- that is, each section of the tongue is connected to the kidneys, lungs, spleen, liver, heart, pancreas, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine.

Thus, an oil-mouth-massage soothes and stimulates the key meridians where taste meets organ. Simultaneously, as in any skin-massage, the inner skin and lining of the mouth, palate and tongue become warm and supple and the lubrication prevents dryness (the vatic effect).

In modern dietetics too, dryness is discussed. For example, lack of Vitamin A (retinal) causes the outer lining of the eyeball to dry and wrinkle, and affects vision.

And as any dietician would tell you, all oils contain 960 micrograms of vitamin A per 10 gm (the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A per adult is 600 micrograms). So, it's possible that oil gargling helps in reaching the required retinal to the eyeballs and keeps them elastic and smooth.

Likewise, the Ayurvedic `purification of taste-buds' also has its equivalent in dietetics as `antioxidants'. Oxidation literally means `the putrefaction of body-tissues'.

And oil-soluble vitamins, A, C, D, and E are antioxidants that protect and prevent the decaying process and help maintain the integral functioning of cell membranes. That's why, many people are ingesting vitamin E pills to stem `aging' (oxidation)."

Click here to read the rest of this article.

11/8/2006: Laura from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia writes, "I wanted to comment that the usage of the word "gargle" on your Oil Pulling page is a tad alarming given the warning NOT to gargle in the throat near the end of the instructions. It seems Dr. Karasch used it as well. I have never heard or used the word "gargle" unless it meant using the throat, so it is a tad misleading for the unsuspecting or the casual reader. Perhaps the alert could be placed at the beginning of the article to clarify the usage of the word and for safety's sake. Thank you for your time."

Our readers offer information and opinions on Earth Clinic, not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.

These are instructions from India in which only 2 types of oil can be used. However, as you will read below in our Reader Feedback section, people are experimenting with different oils, adding anti-bacterial and anti-viral oil essences. Soon we might have a purist vs. renegade oil pulling battle!


First thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, take 1 TBSP of either sesame or sunflower oil. Put the oil in your mouth, tilt your chin up and slowly swish, suck, chomp and pull through the teeth. Do this for at least 10 minutes. 15 - 20 minutes is better. You want the oil to become a thin, white foam when you finally spit it out. If it's still yellow, you haven't done it long enough.

You can do this 2 more times during the day if you want to detox faster. Make sure you do it on an empty stomach, however. Spit it out in the toilet when your mouth is full and rinse your mouth out well.

Follow by drinking 2 - 3 glasses of water.

It now contains parasites and bacteria!



The oil pulls all mucous, bacteria and toxins from your body through your saliva. According to Ayurvedic medicine, mucous is a poison that must be removed.

Note #1:
Keeping the chin tilted up makes sure the oil gets to the back molars.

Note #2:
The old school says that only sesame and sunflower oils produce favorable results. However, our readers report success using other oils too.

Note #3:
If after meals, wait at least 4 hours before you Oil Pull. After drinking, wait 1 hour.

Note #4:
A worsening of symptoms is an excellent indication that the disease/ailment is being cured.

Note #5:
Do not stop Oil Pulling if you feel aggravated symptoms or heightened side effects after a day or two. Your body is healing.

Note #6:
Will your dental fillings fall out? It's possible but highly unlikely unless there is pre-existing damage or loose fillings.

The oil will start to thin out after a few minutes because saliva is constantly being mixed in and swished about.

Excellent Oil Pulling Links for More Information:
(updated March 2, 2009) OIL_karacharticle.pdf

02/09/2009: M from St Louis, MO replies: "EC, Could you include with the basic instructions on oil pulling Ted's suggestion to detox for two weeks before beginning the oil pulling process? I think he recommended using 1 tablespoon ACV with 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, stir well, add 1/2 to 1 cup of water and drink one or two times a day for two weeks; OR, take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken two times a day. The alkalization tends to remove toxins if done for at least two weeks. Then on the second or third week they can start oil pulling. This regimen is supposed to greatly reduce the Herksheimer effect of getting worse before you get better. It seems like many people are just starting out with the oil pulling first and wanting to quit because they didn't prepare properly and are suffering from the Herksheimer effect."

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3/28/2008: Molly from San Francisco, CA USA writes: I've OPed for about three years now. And I've followed endless discussions about what it does and does not do. I now have a theory.

I don't think that OP "pulls" anything out of the system. What it does seem to do is infuse your body with EFA's sublingually (under your tongue) which enters the bloodstream bypassing gastric juices. I found a patent that uses oil as a transporter of medication for a sublingual medication. From what I read, Oleic Acid is commonly used for this transport.

It makes sense why some people have skin conditions clear up with OP. They are being dose with good oil.

Secondly, there is now do doubt that the health of your mouth is directly linked to your organ health. A well known biologist, a friend of my Dad, said he thinks that the bacteria in the mouth, the really bad stuff that forms plague, is very attracted to the acids in the oil. So it melts this bad stuff and then you spit it out. That's why your teeth get much cleaner than by conventional means, like alcohol based rinses.

And so, when you melt this bad stuff, you simply spit it out..buh bye.

Now, I think this is the major link to why people experience healing while OP. As your mouth is populating with all this nasty bacteria (or worse, infections), you are swallowing the stuff. That bacteria is attacking you internally. That is why some people have had heart attacks after a dental procedure, like a root canal, that infuses their body with nasty stuff. Yes, it can attack the heart and other vital organs.

OP simply removes it so that it cannot go anywhere else. Dr. Karach talked about curing a long time blood disease. Perhaps his dental health was very bad.

Add a drop of Oil of Oregano to your oil pulling for about a week every 3 or so months, and you have a powerful anti-bacterial agent to kill all this stuff. Oregano Oil is natures anti-biotic, so it should not be abused, and used just like you would a pharmaceutical anti-biotic.

All these theories I have come from a long time listening and discussing this modality.

OP is very gentle. It's just food for goodness sake! And I believe that it should be a common morning occurrence, just like brushing your teeth.

I've actually used it to get rid of sinus infections and lung infections. It has cut down on the time I am sick, but darn if I've hardly gotten sick since I've started OP. Also, my long time seasonal allergies are gone. If I do have any lung complaints, I OP back to back until I don't cough anything up anymore.

I have used (always unrefined and organic) Sesame, Sunflower, Walnut, Macadamia, coconut, Udo's Oil, Total EFA Oil....amongst others. My personal all time favorite is Sesame, hand's down. I have noticed that if you change your oil about ever two months, it's like a renewed therapy. Don't know why, perhaps your body is getting used to that particular EFA formula. But I have noticed that when I change, my teeth get whiter even more.

Thought I'd weigh in since I haven't been here for awhile. Actually, it was myself and Ms Kitty from Oregon that turned Earth clinic onto this some years back. I'm so pleased to see that this is still being discovered and that people are having such good results.

OP is a no-brainer. It's not dangerous, it can't pull stuff out of your body, like medication, it's simply swishing some "food" around your mouth. But what it does do is invaluable.

Keep Swishing!!

01/21/2009: Edna from Solomon, Kansas, USA replies: "I wanted to add a note concerning the addition of a drop or two of Oil of Oregano during the OP. You'll want to make sure that you get ORGANIC oil, and not only that, but make sure it is labeled as "Oil of WILD OREGANO! What sells under the label "Oil of Oregano" or "Oregano Oil" is really Marjoram, and does NOT possess the wonderful, natural, anti-biotic properties of Oil of Wild Oregano. Don't let 'em fool ya!

It is oil from a specific wild plant (not the same plant known in Spain as "oregano" and used in cooking) that grows on the hillsides of the Mediterranean region which is the real deal. It is the most powerful anti-biotic agent in nature.

I wouldn't have known the difference if someone hadn't once told me, so I wanted to pay it forward. Thank you for the opportunity.

Loving this site! :0)

Be blessed!! "

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08/29/2008: Knute from Sacramento, USA writes, "I was fortunate to find out about Dr Karach's oil pulling therapy over 16 years ago, and my objective was to improve my immune system, as a preventative. And it certainly has done so, for example, the number of colds has gone down a lot. Plus, my digestion has improved very much. Also, I can go on for more hours without feeling the need to eat.

I mostly use sesame oil, peanut oil, and sunflower oil: Once per day, one table spoon in the morning, before breakfast, 5-7 days a week. I have found that it's very important to rinse the oral cavity and tonge with baking soda/salt in warm water, and brush all of the same area - including the tongue, after applying just a little baking soda and salt on the toothbrush.

Basically, my opinion is that oil pulling is one of the very best ways to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities, and that includes detoxification. 15-20 minutes in the morning of oil pulling regularly, while taking a shower or shaving or ... - is one of the wisest things we could to, healthwise."

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06/12/2009: Sandy from Bangalore, India writes: "Dear Earthclinic,
Based on all feedback received for oil pulling so far (as seen on your oil pulling pages), I have created the following list of cures by oil-pulling using various oils:

1. Sesame Oil:
Cleared vaginal infections, got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, tightened loose teeth, heart felt better, depression replaced by happy thoughts, better vision (eg. Colors become vivid), no underarm odor, reduces cravings and helps de-addiction, alertness increased, pimples decreased, cured Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD, TMJ or TMD), moisturized skin, healed dry/cracked heels, hair grew back on bald spot on head, sinuses cleared, did not catch colds/flu, brought color to cheeks/complexion looks healthier, cured the keratosis pilaris on upper arms, more energetic, didn't get allergies, looked 10 years younger, open pores on face closed, wrinkles disappeared, swollen glands under neck became normal for HIV+ person, anaemia cured within 1 month, lipase enzyme levels brought back to normal within 1 month, bloating/edema gone, decreased fibromyalgia pain, got deep sleep/ insomnia cured, dark circle around eyes decreased, cured hangover after alcohol consumption, digestion improved, back pain decreased, neck pain decreased, joint pain decreased, hives cured in 2 weeks, periods was not painful, no cramping during periods, experienced colon cleansing, eczema disappeared, skin glowed, stopped a headache, faded age spots, healed canker sores, subsided PMS, eliminated asthama, lost weight, cured diarrhea.

2. Sunflower oil
Got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, teeth whiter and sensitive condition corrected, sinus cleared, cured toothache, blood cholesterol profile got balanced when oil-pulled first thing in the morning, postmenopausal hot flushes decreased, wake up refreshed, hair grew thicker, think clearly, swollen lymph nodes reduced, energy increased (many people said), reduced dependence on caffeine-oil pulling gave a huge energy rush-oil pulling twice a day eliminated 2 cups of coffee from that day, blood circulation improved, cold hands and feet became warmer, cravings decreased, skin looks great, eliminates dry eyes, clears out sugar from body faster, pulmonary fibrosis cured, cancer cured, stopped vaginal discharge, clearer breathing, better sleep, lungs not congested anymore, coughing eliminated, herpes simplex virus eliminated from body, cold sores and canker sores healed, cleared allergies, hangover (due to alcohol) eliminated, lost weight especially around lower abdomen, lost 4 pounds in 20 days by oil pulling twice a day, gave sound sleep, body aches and strains gone, fatigue gone, irregular periods became regular, ear itch gone, clearer eyes and clearer vision, indigestion problems and gases eliminated, cracked heels healed, dark circle under eyes eliminated.

3. Olive Oil
Better mouth health, jaw pain gone, sinus cleared, finger nails grew fast and had white tips, hair grew fast and is thick, better energy, better mental clarity, mood elevation (many people said this), cracked heels got healed, softer hair, softer skin, no wheezing or coughing, eyes stopped feeling itchy or dry, beard got thicker and softer, de-addicted from tobacco, alcohol, caffeine (many people talked of de-addiction), back pain reduced, cleared nasal and ear blockage, lost weight doing oil-pulling using extra virgin olive oil, pores on face became small, no undereye puffiness, better vision, lines around eyes smoothened out, brain fog cured.

4. Coconut oil
Appetite suppressed and lost weight (many people said this), relaxing, pain in nerve decreased, joint pain gone, breathing easier, snoring gone, bloating/oedema gone in just 6 days, blood pressure stabilized, got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, gap between teeth closed, sinus cleared, heightened sense of taste, cleared inner ear infection, got rid of rocking/imbalance sensation, skin glowed and moisterized, increased energy, increased mobility, agility and vigour.

5. Cod liver oil
Got rid of teeth problems, better skin

6. Avocado oil
Makes hair healthy and shiny, bags under eyes flattened, sinus cleared

7. Cedar nut oil
Whiter teeth

8. Canola oil
Better mouth health

9. Walnut oil
Got rid of gum problems

10. Castor oil
Induces sleep

11. Black cumin seed oil
Drained mucus

12. Safflower oil
Pulling sensation in arm gone, Got rid of tooth/gum/mouth/bad-breath problems, lost weight, energetic and active, Rheumatoid Arthritis cured, chocolate addiction gone, hair and skin looks good, scar gone, periods improved, PMS gone, voice improved, got good sleep, hair shedding decreased."

EC: Wow!! Sandy, thank you so much much much! That must have taken you ages to put together.

Deeply appreciated,


06/12/2009: T from TC, Michigan replies: "wow! do you know how long you did each of these until you noticed results? how long do you oil pull.....10, 20min a day? how often do you switch oils? I would love to have these results! I must try this!"
EC: Sandy's list is a compilation from hundreds of readers' posts, not her own personal feedback!

06/24/2009: Marilyn from Flanders, NJ replies: "Sandy - You are awesome, thank you so much. It's been difficult to get my friends to dedicate their time to reading all the testimonies that are so important. When I discovered this site, I did have the time, and was convinced easily by the wonderful feedback. So now, I can point out your hard work to my friends with confidence. I am so grateful! Bless you."

02/24/2010: Openlyhappy from Mcdonugh, Ga replies: "Sandy thank you so much for compiling that data. Does anyone know if i could create a concoction or oils. I liked the reported effects of seasame, sinflower, coconut and olive. Could I put a measure of each in a potion? Will they cancel each other out??? Any thoughts?"

02/25/2010: Donna from Wimauma, Florida replies: "I have been reading this site and absolutely love all the wonderful information. It's the readers who really benefit from all these great testimonials. It makes you feel less alone. I have been reading up on rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety & depression. gosh if oil pulling can take care of that, that would be wonderful. Any Rheumatoid stories?"

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[YEA] 05/17/2009: Elliotsmum from London, United Kingdom writes: "I have just started oil pulling in a bid to help my gum disease. I tried olive oil 1T for the first time as that was all I had. I went out and bought some avacado oil with lemon as I thought that would taste a little better. It does.

I am currently using 1/2 a TBSP as I find it hard to keep in a whole TBSP due to loads of saliva.

I will update regarding my gum disease when I have visited the Periodontist in July.

I have however noticed the following: the bags under my eyes have flattened down considerably and strangely enough my sinus's cleared so well - I was not even aware how congested I was until they cleared. Will keep you updated."

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[YEA] 05/20/2009: Tanya from Pittsburgh, PA writes: "It's been 3 weeks since I had 5 implants with bone grafts installed and I am healing fast. It looks as though I will be able to get my crowns 2 months sooner. After the implant surgery I waited 2 days and then I started my oil pull with 1 tablespoon of black seed cold-pressed oil (black cumin seed oil) for 20 minutes each morning. I could feel mucus coming down the back of my throat and would have to spit. I've used other oils, sesame seed, olive, and safflower oils and I like the black cumin seed the best."

01/14/2010: Skye from Melbourne, Australia replies: "i am have implant surgery in a month for 3 teeth and was wondering if you did it with your partial plate in or out. i havnt had the meeting yet to go through how it all works so it might sound like a stupid question but figured it was worth asking "

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[WARNING!] 05/03/2009: Alice from Stonewall, MS writes: "Canola Oil Should not be used for Oil Pulling. Canola Oil is not a natural oil. It is a genetically modified version of Rape Seed Oil. I would not recommend using it for oil pulling or cooking. Research shows it has a tendency to leave scaring on your heart after continued use.

Also, do not use peanut oil. I was told when I first started pulling not to use it because of the mold it develops after it is picked."

07/09/2010: Christinej from Surprise, Arizona, Usa replies: " Canola oil should not be used for oil pulling. I agree with this comment 100%. I have researched Canola oil and it is bad stuff."

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[YEA] 07/20/2007: Kelly from Charlotte, North Carolina writes: "I have been doing oil pulling now for about a week but not consistently. My mouth had a sore in the roof of it and my gums were very sensitive and started bleeding. They bled a little more once i started OP but now it's completely gone and not much bleeding. My husband recently started it a few days ago. We have been using canola oil but i will get the sesame or sunflower oil because it seems to have a better result based on the testimonials i read. I look forward to hearing about more natural remedies. Let's put these pharmacuetical companies to shame and do it the natural way, the way it was intended. I do have a question...Do you have to drink water after OP? Please advise. KRM"

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[YEA] 10/31/2009: Cajun62234 from Opelousas, Louisiana writes: "As a proven believer in Castor Oil, the other morning I awoke with a very sore gum in the vicinity of my right canine tooth. A look in the mirror indicated it was blood red, very tender, but no blood excreted when massaging. I generally 'oil' with Sesame Oil, but thought 'Why not try CO?'... Two 20 minute sessions [about 3-4 hours inbetween] and a session at bed time. I excreted all of the 'oiling', but let the CO coating remain in my mouth over night...the next morning it was 95% better; a repeat of the previous day's treatment produced a 100% recovery by the following redness, no tenderness and a normal, healthy gum.."

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[QUESTION] 03/18/2009: Susan from Oshkosh, WI writes: "Hello everyone! I have become addicted to the site like everybody else. I have a question about oil pulling. I made it through five pages and did not see anything about food grade Castor Oil. I kept thinking about the Cayce remedies and his great results for many ailments using Castor Oil. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone know of a reason it should not be used for oil pulling? My intuition keeps telling me to try it, and I believe that we are often led to the right thing for ourselves.To everyone who is working on healing themselves, don't give up! If one thing does not work for you try again and again. In the trying you reinforce the "health"vibration around you. You are not alone in your seking and all of us who read your posts are pulling[no pun intended] for you and with you!"

03/18/2009: Dianna from Austin, TX replies: "it seems like i read somewhere about someone using castor oil for oil pulling. i don't think it would hurt you. if it did anything 'bad' i think it might just make you have to have a bowel movement. i might try it myself in the morning. usually i use VCO. if you try it please post your results."

03/19/2009: Sueli from Boston, MA replies: "Hello and thank you to all who contribute to this wonderful resource! I have a question regarding blood type and type of oil used. I read somewhere that there is a way to find depending on one's blood type a particular oil may work best for his/her condition (I don't know if this is only true for oil pulling, or if it holds true for ingesting the oil also). Does anyone know about this? Thanks in advance."

03/19/2009: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: "Hello Susan,

Most castor oil I have seen comes in 2, 4 or 6 ounce bottles which are clearly labeled for oral ingestion, so why would you need one that states food grade when it is clearly labeled to be taken orally for a laxative effect. I agree with the one who stated that the only adverse effect you would likely have with OP with castor oil would be a laxative effect and since you would be expectorating the castor oil it wouldn't be passing through the intestines whereby it causes the laxative action, therefore there should be no laxative effect as long as you don't swallow it.

For me the worst side effect would be smelling and tasting the castor oil because I despise both the smell and taste, even the ones sold as tasteless & odorless. I had too much of the castor oil forced down in childhood, because this was my parents answer to whatever ailed us. Must have been beneficial because most of my siblings are still alive and I am #8 of 10 children and the youngest who is 6 years my junior is now 70 years old. So if you can tolerate the smell & taste, just be sure to spit the used oil out and be sure to let us know what your opinion of it is. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us."

04/12/2009: Vince from Enid, Oklahoma replies: "I have tried caster oil while oil pulling. It makes me very sleepy. After I pull."

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