Thymus & High Heart Chakra

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Posted by VioletMaya on June 07, 2009 at 19:57:35:

The High Heart: Technically, this Chakra is associated with the Thymus and is located directly between the Heart and Throat Chakras. It reflects a person's understanding, acceptance and practice of the concepts of Universal Love and Compassion. To a lesser degree, it shows a person's ability and/or calling to healing/teaching work.

Aquamarine opens the spiritual high heart, the thymus chakra, and quiets the mental body to become receptive to transmissions from higher realms. It has humanitarian qualities as well as serenity, peacefulness, balanced emotions and patience. There is a strong connection to the dolphins. Aquariel, the Archangel of clarity, has infused this Aquamarine essence. The thymus chakra works on the autoimmune system. Self Identity and authenticity

The thymus chakra (located about midway between your throat and your heart chakras) is about TRANSITIONS. Proper movement through our transitions requires that we accept responsibility for our actions, and receive input from others using our discernment (Hexagram 52) in a non-reactive manner. Balanced and centered, we will move through transitions responsibly.

Blocked and out of balance we find ourselves on the fence, or placing responsibility on others besides ourselves. Helps us strengthen concentration and control over speech, allow freedom of expression. Helps build the immune system.

Just as your thymus gland is involved in physical immune function, the thymus chakra is involved in immune system function for the rest of your aura: emotional, mental, and spiritual. there is an extra layer of protection for people with this chakra in place. You may notice that you are not allowing negative people to effect you so much, you are not catching every virus that comes along, and your emotions are felt deeply, and then released just as quickly.

This is a good area to tune into if you are feeling under psychic attack. Cleanse your aura quickly by brushing the area about two to three inches above your thymus. As you sweep, affirm that you are a clear vessel, that you allow only the highest and the best for your service. Also, most destructive energies avoid people with an energized thymus chakra, so energize it by thumping that area. Thump three times briskly, take a breath, thump three times again, breathe, and three times one more time, closing with a breath. This is a great thing to do when you need a quick pick me up! (And more effective than coffee or drugs!)

The Sound is HU L. The colour is TURQUOISE.
Gifted to us, to assist with our merging of the 4th Dimension and into the 5th Dimension. By visualizing the energy flowing up from the Heart Chakra and down from the Throat Chakra, and feeling the love that radiates as they meet in the Thymus Chakra, halfway between them both. This gives us Loving Communication not only with others in this dimension but with our Higher Self, Guides and Multi-Dimensional Beings. It acts as a converter and filter for the higher vibrational energies, which are electrostatic energy. To be converted and filtered into electromagnetic energy, which is what we are. Do this by visualizing the Light coming down from above, in through the Crown, and down into the point at the Thymus Chakra. Where it filters and converts the energy into electromagnetic energy, as it moves through the whole body where it is stored. This gives us a much greater energy field. We can ask to be connected to the power of the healing source, which gives us greater power of healing, and radiant energy to use for the good of all. It promotes good health and immunity through the Thymus Gland, and assists us to flow through this great time of change, and heightened vibrations, easily and lovingly. Once the Loving Communication is working it opens up Telepathy, which will be needed in the future. It also assists the Kundalini to rise with ease and flow, if this is our Will and Desire.
CRYSTALS that assist this chakra are:
THYMUS CHAKRA Connects us to our Expression. Confidence, Oratory.

Information stored in thymus Chakra:

Imbalances can cause
You may indulge in spiritual "talk" but avoid the "walk" i

Healing techniques and alternative therapies: All possible destinies that we can choose from. There is one among them that leads us "home".

Life Central. "I am your monitor comparing where you are, in relation to where you ought to be. I make plans to get you back on track when you jump the track."

Flower Remedies:
Dandelion helps to release emotional tension stored in the muscles. For release of stress, caused by those striving for perfection. Use for highly strung individuals who are over-striving, over-strung or hard driving on themselves, for those with poor posture

Thymus Gem Stones: Aquamarine

Amazonite Apophyllite
Gem Silica Idocrase
Phrenite Turquoise

Chrysoprase - Works with the high heart or thymus chakra. Softens emotional stresses. Great essence for anxiety, nervousness, fear. Can stand along or can be used with silver topaz. Helps with mental stability and self awareness. Brings you closer to your divine potential. Great stone to carry like a worry stone. Some people need to have the touch - to feel the energy of the stone itself. The essence helps with acceptance of truth. Helps the flow of the lymphatic system.

Animal totems:
The cat

Gods & Goddesses:
Essential Oils
tea tree, thyme and Clary sage
element - water
Auric body =
Temperature =
Gland =
Number 8.

Musical tone

Bird totem:
Skill =Ability to connect your dreams with waking reality.

Physical Location
between throat and heart area Purposes: Empowerment"
Encouragement to be who you are. Easing integration on all levels of being. Centeredness and balance. Communication of what is in the heart. Protective,
June 3rd is Whitsuntide Spiritual Lesson
The portal or tie into the Universal Akashic Records

the chakra is NOT in balance, .e. ignore the needs of others.

This lovely aqua-colored chakra is located directly above your physical thymus gland, between the heart and throat chakras. The chakra radiates out like radio waves from a small point above your thymus and seems to affect all of your other chakras, as well as all of your aura layers.

Lie down and allow yourself to relax .

Feel your whole body release . . . . all of its tension . . .

Take in a deep . . . . . . cleansing breath . . . . . .

Feel the air enter into your lungs . . . .release the air out of your lungs . . . . . . and feel your whole body become relaxed . . . .

Feel the tension leave your body. . . . . draining away and floating off into the universe

For a moment, . . . . . . . . become aware of your surroundings . . . .

Stop your mind from thinking . . . . . . . . and allow yourself to just become aware . .

Listen to the noises . . . .feel the energy that is flowing through this place .

Listen to the music . . . . . . . .

Relax your whole body and feel yourself enter into the music . . .

Bring your awareness to your heart . . . . . .

Listen to your heart beating . . . . . . . .Hear it's rhythm . . . . . . . . . .Breathe in time with your heartbeat . . . . .

Bring your awareness to your breath . . . . . . Counting from one to ten as you inhale and exhale . . . . . .

Bring your awareness to you thymus chakra

Feel the energy that comes from this center . . . . . . .

Allow yourself to see into your thymus chakra as if you are seeing into a spiral of energy spinning around and around . . . . . .

Breathe in deep and focus all your attention to your inner self . . . . . . . .

Allow any thoughts or visions to enter into your inner self . . . .

Go with them and allow them to pass through your mind and out to the universe . .

Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state . . . . . .

Visualize that you are entering into the spiral of energy that is your thymus chakra

Allow yourself to merge into the spiral as if you are entering into the universe . . . .

Go deeper and deeper into your energy center . . . .

Breathing deeply allow yourself to just exist there . . . . .

No thoughts, no feelings Just exist . . . . .

Visualize that you see a great vibrant mass of blue green energy coming at you like a fireball . .

Feel it hit you with a great amount of force, exploding and surrounding your whole body with energy. . . . .

Allow yourself to feel the heat that comes from this fireball . .

Feel it surround you, making you feel alive and empowered with energy . . . .

Visualize that the energy is traveling up your feet and into your lower back and stomach and traveling up to your heart and thymus area .

Feel the warmth that enters into you . . . . . .

Feel the energy travel into your thymus and become aware of any sensations that you feel . .

Feel the energy reconnect with your thymus chakra and feel the warmth that occurs when it enters into your mind . . . .

Visualize this energy re-vitalizing your depleted energy . . .

Feel it open up your inner child and higher mind, joining them together with your body .

For a moment allow any sensations to emerge good or bad . . .

Visualize that this energy is clearing and cleansing your chakra . .

Allow the energy to remove all that is stopping you from feeling happy, well and balanced . . . .

Visualize seeing yourself exiting from your thymus chakra

Slowly bring yourself back and become aware of your breath

Now bring yourself back and become aware of your heart beat . .

Bring yourself back and allow yourself to become aware of the music . .

Slowly allow yourself to rise and become aware of your surroundings . . .

Slowly wriggle your toes, then your legs, then your shoulders, your hands and slowly open your eyes.

The Thymus Chakra, which is also referred to as the High Heart, Soul Seat, or Unified Heart, is in my opinion the most significant of the newly emerging chakras because of its importance in assisting us to experience unconditional love for all of humankind. It is critical to the evolution of an attitude of peaceful, loving acceptance of all people and all beliefs. This chakra is a very powerful energy channel that links us to the earth and to the heavens. It is our connection to world soul. This is the chakra of peace and connection, of attunement and alignment with all that is spiritual. As the Heart Chakra is the seat of personal love, the Thymus Chakra is the seat of joy and unconditional love for all of humanity. When the Thymus Chakra is open, we are able to receive love and give it joyfully to the masses. Its influence allows us to care about and connect with billions of other people, creating a web of connection that has not been possible before.

It is positioned above the physical thymus gland, between the Heart and Throat Chakras, creating a pull of both energies. The combination of these energies enables a powerful opening to occur that allows a loving communication between Human and Spirit. This makes it possible for true guidance to easily flow through. It also enables loving communication to move out to the many people who are experiencing fear, threat, and denial of the changes coming to the Earth and the physical body. Only through loving communication can this be done effectively and harmlessly.
The Thymus Chakra deals specifically with communication with Angels, Masters, Guides, our Higher Self and Higher Energies from the realms of light. It allows us to access the sacred records. It is an activator of higher consciousness, yet it allows the Higher Mind to meet the Inner Child. It is able to bring belief and spiritual wisdom down from the heavens while keeping us connected to the earth plane.

This chakra acts as a converter and filter for the higher vibrational energies, which are electrostatic in nature. It converts and filters them into electromagnetic energy, which is what we are composed of and what we can assimilate. The emergence of this chakra is directly related to the changes in vibration and frequency that have occurred as a result of the fourth and fifth dimensions moving into the third. The Thymus Chakra enables us to properly integrate and embody these vibrations to make them usable.

The Thymus Chakra is the seat of compassion, empathy, joy, peace, serenity, patience, balanced emotions and unconditional love for those that are close to you as well as all of humanity. It is a vortex that pulls in the Christ and Kwan Yin energies, bringing great awareness to the emotional and spiritual planes.

It is the outer doorway for the inner spiritual center, referred to as the "Soul Seat," the source of meaning, direction, and spiritual longing in life. Among its other functions, the Thymus Chakra also has a large influence on telepathic ability. It strengthens concentration and connects us to freedom of expression and open communication. It assists in the development of confidence, verbal skills, serenity, and spiritual bonding. It opens the Heart Center for giving and receiving and governs our ability to be at peace with ourselves.

The Thymus Chakra bolsters and balances the immune system and brings about healing and wisdom on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Through it, we can ask to be connected to Source and the power of radiant, healing energy to use for the good of all. It allows us to flow with health, love, and ease through times of change and heightened vibrations. Because of the Thymus Chakra's ability to help us deal with upheaval and change, it is of particular importance to people who are healing addictive behaviors.

It is said that the Thymus Chakra was planned at the time of creation but held until we were ready for its wondrous gifts. Some say that the Thymus Chakra looks like the planet Saturn, with a solid core of energy and three rings surrounding it. Each of these rings has a specific purpose. The first opens up the channel that enables loving communication between Human and Spirit so that true guidance can be received easily. The second ring acts as a filter and converter to make the electrostatic energy of the fourth dimension more easily acceptable to the human system, converting it into electromagnetic energy, which can be stored in the body for healing and self-transformation. The third ring has the ability to resonate with the power of the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Brow Chakra to enable telepathic communication. There is a final ring that is not visible clairvoyantly unless one is ready for, or preparing to make, the initiation into the energy of the Kundalini for enlightenment. This ring connects with the energy of the First and Second Chakras on the low end, and the Crown on the high end, to start the movement of Kundalini energy upward.

Other people who see the chakras clairvoyantly vary in their descriptions of the way this chakra looks. There are those who describe the Thymus Chakra as a binary star, two points of light, separate but touching, merging and working together. Others see it as a two-petaled lotus flower, more in keeping with the traditional Sanskrit descriptions.

If you are experiencing tightness or fullness in the high-heart area or if you are feeling stressed in the upper back and shoulders, it may be that you are being called upon to open up to the energies of the Thymus Chakra. It would be a good idea to first make sure that you have no physical causes for these symptoms, but once sure that you are in good health, there are several things you can do if you are desirous of activating this chakra.

Visualize light coming down from the heavens through the Crown into the Thymus Center. See this center filter and convert this light into energy that flows throughout the whole body to be stored for healing and energizing. See the Thymus Chakra in its full aquamarine glory. See it positioned between the heart and throat and meditate on it growing brighter and brighter and more and more fully energized.

Another thing you can do is the Thymus Thump. Bring the fingertips of one hand together and gently thump the thymus area in the 1-2-3 rhythm of your choosing. Remember to breathe fully and deeply. This is also a great way to re-energize yourself when you are feeling tired. Another cleansing/energizing technique that is very effective is to brush the area about two to three inches above your thymus in an upward direction. As you do this, affirm that you are a clear vessel and that you allow only the highest and best to impact and influence you.

The colors that resonate with the Thymus Chakra are: pink, blue, green, gold, turquoise and aquamarine.
The crystals that are important to balancing, healing and energizing this chakra are: aquamarine, apophyllite, blue tourmaline, celestite, clear quartz, chrysophase, rainbow moonstone, turquoise and zircon.

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